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Version: 1.0 prerelease


class great_expectations.datasource.data_connector.FilePathDataConnector(name: str, datasource_name: str, execution_engine: Optional[ExecutionEngine] = None, default_regex: Optional[dict] = None, sorters: Optional[list] = None, batch_spec_passthrough: Optional[dict] = None, id: Optional[str] = None)#

The base class for Data Connectors designed to access filesystem-like data.

This can include traditional, disk-based filesystems or object stores such as S3, GCS, or Azure Blob Storage (ABS). This class supports the configuration of a default regular expression and sorters for filtering and sorting Data Assets.

See the DataConnector base class for more information on the role of Data Connectors.

Note that FilePathDataConnector is not meant to be used on its own, but extended.

  • name – The name of the Data Connector.

  • datasource_name – The name of this Data Connector’s Datasource.

  • execution_engine – The Execution Engine object to used by this Data Connector to read the data.

  • default_regex – A regex configuration for filtering data references. The dict can include a regex pattern and a list of group_names for capture groups.

  • sorters – A list of sorters for sorting data references.

  • batch_spec_passthrough – Dictionary with keys that will be added directly to the batch spec.

  • id – The unique identifier for this Data Connector used when running in cloud mode.

get_available_data_asset_names() List[str]#

Return the list of asset names known by this data connector.


A list of available names