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Version: 0.18.9

Why GX Cloud

If you’ve made it this far, you know that you need a data quality framework—it’s time to think about how to make it happen. GX Cloud is the data quality solution for when you need:

  • A fast, easy way to set up comprehensive test coverage.
  • Collaborative input from other teams and stakeholders.
  • Shared understanding through results that are accessible to everyone.

Proactive data quality lets you catch issues before they can become problems downstream. And with GX Cloud, you can have your first proactive data quality tests in place today.

Expect great things

An Expectation is a simple, verifiable assertion about the way your data should be.

Expectations offer deeper insights than schema validations, and they’re more resilient to changes in business and technical requirements. With Expectations, you can intuitively create data quality tests with unparalleled flexibility and control and make them accessible to technical and nontechnical users alike.

Plus, Expectations are reusable and create their own documentation, making it easy to deploy them across large numbers of datasets and then keep everyone on the same page about what they’re doing.

Expectations in GX Cloud tell you exactly what they’re for using plain language, start to finish. Self-explanatory names and results expressed in full sentences mean anyone can understand an Expectation and Expectation Suite on first look.

Collaboration upgrades

To build a culture of organizational trust in your data, you need the experience, insights, and buy-in of other technical teams in your organization, plus that of your nontechnical stakeholders.

Technical teams will find the control and flexibility they're looking for with GX Cloud. With GX OSS at its core, GX Cloud’s rich API allows data engineers to interact with it using tools they're already comfortable with, like Python and Jupyter notebooks.

And its ability to connect to a wide range of data sources and interoperability with orchestrators means GX Cloud can fit into your data pipelines exactly where you need it.

No matter how many datasets you're working with, GX Cloud unifies your data quality testing in one place. It’s easy to find team members’ tests, and—since everyone is using the same language and approach—easier to understand what they’re doing.

On top of that, GX Cloud’s familiar SaaS approach and friendly user interface makes nontechnical stakeholders feel included and competent from the start.

GX Cloud’s business-friendly visualizations of test results lets stakeholders absorb and learn from data quality results using their existing competencies, no technical hand-holding needed. They can navigate and contribute to GX Cloud without having to read or write a single line of code—independently and on their own schedule.

Because GX Cloud empowers stakeholders to contribute and understand independently, stakeholders finally feel like the data quality process is backed by a transparency that fosters maximum trust.

Clear, central communication

Building a shared understanding of your data quality is hard enough already without misunderstandings or lost-in-translation moments cropping up. GX Cloud makes it easy for everyone to stay on the same page:

  • Tests and results are in clear, plain language that can speak for itself.
  • A shared UI organically fosters standardized processes.

GX Cloud’s clear user interface means you can spend your time with new users working productively, instead of trying to explain what they’re seeing.

Whether you prefer to see results as numbers or visualizations, GX Cloud provides. Get the gist of a Validation Result by scanning its straightforward visual indicators, or inspect its detailed result tables instead.

Historical results are displayed with trend visualizations accessible to technical and nontechnical teams alike.

Effective communication is easier when everyone shares a single source of reliable information. GX Cloud’s clear visual UI organically fosters standardized processes. Your team members will naturally build similar perspectives even before they directly interact—making communication smoother from the start.

Sustainable growth

A cornerstone of growing an effective data quality framework is to embrace iteration. GX Cloud is built to support that.

There’s nowhere the need for iteration is more constant than when it comes to creating and configuring your data quality tests: as you uncover more nuances of your data, your operational needs change, or your data stack evolves, you’ll need to continue updating your Expectations.

Your testing feedback loop stays short and responsive in GX Cloud. Its visual GUI for Expectation editing makes it a snap to create and edit them for nontechnical teams, while data engineers can use the power of GX Cloud’s API.

And you can make those changes with confidence that you won’t disrupt your view of your historical results: GX Cloud captures every change to an Expectation within your test result’s historical charts and visualizations, so you can see your Validation Results in context with your evolving understanding of your data.

Don't take our word for it

GX Cloud’s free tier has plenty of power. Give it a try and see for yourself how GX Cloud can help you build a proactive, collaboration-ready data quality framework.

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