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How to create and edit Expectations in bulk

The JsonSchemaProfiler helps you quickly create Expectation Suites from jsonschema files.

Prerequisites: This how-to guide assumes you have:
  • Completed the Getting Started Tutorial
  • Have a working installation of Great Expectations
  • Have a valid jsonschema file that has top level object of type object.

This implementation does not traverse any levels of nesting.


1.Set a filename and a suite name#

jsonschema_file = "YOUR_JSON_SCHEMA_FILE.json"suite_name = "YOUR_SUITE_NAME"

2. Load a DataContext#

context = ge.data_context.DataContext()

3. Load the jsonschema file#

with open(jsonschema_file, "r") as f:    schema = json.load(f)

4. Instantiate the profiler#

profiler = JsonSchemaProfiler()

5. Create the suite#

suite = profiler.profile(schema, suite_name)

6. Save the suite#


7. Optionally, generate Data Docs and review the results there.#

Data Docs provides a concise and useful way to review the Expectation Suite that has been created.

You can also review and update the Expectations created by the profiler to get to the Expectation Suite you want using ``great_expectations suite edit``.

Additional notes#


Note that JsonSchemaProfiler generates Expectation Suites using column map expectations, which assumes a tabular data structure, because Great Expectations does not currently support nested data structures.

The full example script is here:

import jsonimport great_expectations as gefrom great_expectations.profile.json_schema_profiler import JsonSchemaProfiler
jsonschema_file = "YOUR_JSON_SCHEMA_FILE.json"suite_name = "YOUR_SUITE_NAME"
context = ge.data_context.DataContext()
with open(jsonschema_file, "r") as f:    raw_json =    schema = json.loads(raw_json)
print("Generating suite...")profiler = JsonSchemaProfiler()suite = profiler.profile(schema, suite_name)context.save_expectation_suite(suite)