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Version: 0.18.17

Install Great Expectations with Data Source dependencies

You can install Great Expectations (GX) locally, or in hosted environments such as Databricks, Amazon EMR, or Google Cloud Composer. Installing GX locally lets you test features and functionality to determine if it's suitable for your use case.

Windows Support

Windows support for the open source Python version of GX is currently unavailable. If you’re using GX in a Windows environment, you might experience errors or performance issues.


Install Great Expectations (GX) locally.


  • An installation of Python, version 3.8 to 3.11. To download and install Python, see Python downloads.

Check Python version

Run the following code to check what version of Python is currently installed:

Terminal command
python --version

Great Expectations supports Python versions 3.8 to 3.11. If a Python 3 version number is not returned, run the following code:

Terminal command
python3 --version

Choose installation method

Our recommended best practice is to use a virtual environment for your Great Expectations installation. Both standard Python 3 and Anaconda support the creation of virtual environments. Once the virtual environment is created, you can then use either pip or conda to install project requirements, depending on how the virtual environment was created.

After you have confirmed that Python 3 is installed locally, you can create a virtual environment with venv before installing your packages with pip. The following examples use venv for virtual environments because it is included with Python 3. You can use alternate tools such as virtualenv and pyenv to install GX in virtual environments.

Run one of the following code blocks to create your virtual environment:

Terminal command
python -m venv my_venv


Terminal command
python3 -m venv my_venv

A new directory named my_venv is created in your virtual environment.

Run the following code to activate the virtual environment:

Terminal command
source my_venv/bin/activate

To change the name of your virtual environment, replace my_venv in the example code.

After you've activated your virtual environment, you should ensure that you have the latest version of pip installed. Pip is a tool that is used to easily install Python packages.

Run the following code to ensure that you have the latest version of pip installed:

Terminal command
python -m ensurepip --upgrade


Terminal command
python3 -m ensurepip --upgrade

Install GX

Once you have your virtual environment created and activated, you will be able to use either pip or Anaconda to install Great Expectations.

Run one of the following code blocks to use pip to install Great Expectations:

Terminal command
python -m pip install great_expectations


Terminal command
python3 -m pip install great_expectations

Confirm GX installation

Run the following code to confirm the GX installation is working:

Terminal command
great_expectations --version

Version information similar to the following is returned:

Terminal output
great_expectations, version 0.18.9