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Documentation Site

This documentation site is built using Docusaurus 2, a modern static website generator.

System Requirements#


From the repo root run:

yarn install

Local Development#

For the fastest iterative dev loop, start a local server and open up the compiled site in a browser window. Most changes are reflected live without needing server restarts.

yarn start


standard.js is used to lint the project. Please run the linter before committing changes.

yarn lint


To build a static version of the site, this command generates static content into the build directory. This can be served using any static hosting service.

yarn build


GIT_USER=<Your GitHub username> USE_SSH=true yarn deploy

If you are using GitHub pages for hosting, this command is a convenient way to build the website and push to the gh-pages branch.

Other relevant files#

The following are a few details about other files Docusaurus uses that you may wish to be familiar with.

  • ../sidebars.js: JavaScript that specifies the sidebar/navigation used in docs pages
  • ../src: non-docs pages live here
  • ../static: static assets used in docs pages (such as CSS) live here
  • ../docusaurus.config.js: the configuration file for Docusaurus
  • ../babel.config.js: Babel config file used when building
  • ../package.json: dependencies and scripts
  • ../yarn.lock: dependency lock file that ensures reproducibility