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Version: 0.18.9


class great_expectations.core.ExpectationSuiteValidationResult(success: Optional[bool] = None, results: Optional[list] = None, evaluation_parameters: Optional[dict] = None, statistics: Optional[dict] = None, meta: Optional[Union[great_expectations.core.expectation_validation_result.ExpectationSuiteValidationResult, dict]] = None, ge_cloud_id: Optional[str] = None)#

The result of a batch of data validated against an Expectation Suite.

When a Checkpoint is run, it produces an instance of this class. The primary property of this class is results, which contains the individual ExpectationValidationResult instances which were produced by the Checkpoint run.

ExpectationSuiteValidationResult.success will be True if all Expectations passed, otherwise it will be False.

ExpectationSuiteValidationResult.statistics contains information about the Checkpoint run.:

"evaluated_expectations": 14,
"success_percent": 71.42857142857143,
"successful_expectations": 10,
"unsuccessful_expectations": 4

The meta property is an instance of ExpectationSuiteValidationResultMeta, and contains information identifying the resources used during the Checkpoint run.:

"active_batch_definition": {
"batch_identifiers": {},
"data_asset_name": "taxi_data_1.csv",
"data_connector_name": "default_inferred_data_connector_name",
"datasource_name": "pandas"
"batch_markers": {
"ge_load_time": "20220727T154327.630107Z",
"pandas_data_fingerprint": "c4f929e6d4fab001fedc9e075bf4b612"
"batch_spec": {
"path": "/Users/username/work/gx_example_projects/great_expectations/../data/taxi_data_1.csv"
"checkpoint_name": "single_validation_checkpoint",
"expectation_suite_name": "taxi_suite_1",
"great_expectations_version": "0.15.15",
"run_id": {
"run_name": "20220727-114327-my-run-name-template",
"run_time": "2022-07-27T11:43:27.625252+00:00"
"validation_time": "20220727T154327.701100Z"

  • success – Boolean indicating the success or failure of this collection of results, or None.

  • results – List of ExpectationValidationResults, or None.

  • evaluation_parameters – Dict of Evaluation Parameters used to produce these results, or None.

  • statistics – Dict of values describing the results.

  • meta – Instance of ExpectationSuiteValidationResult, a Dict of meta values, or None.


Returns a JSON-serializable dict representation of this ExpectationSuiteValidationResult.


A JSON-serializable dict representation of this ExpectationSuiteValidationResult.