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Version: 0.18.9


class great_expectations.datasource.data_connector.InferredAssetFilesystemDataConnector(name: str, datasource_name: str, base_directory: str, execution_engine: Optional[great_expectations.execution_engine.execution_engine.ExecutionEngine] = None, default_regex: Optional[dict] = None, glob_directive: str = '*', sorters: Optional[list] = None, batch_spec_passthrough: Optional[dict] = None, id: Optional[str] = None)#

A base class for Inferred Asset Data Connectors designed to operate on data stored in filesystems.

  • name – The name of the Data Connector.

  • datasource_name – The name of this Data Connector’s Datasource.

  • base_directory – The directory from which the Data Connector should read files.

  • execution_engine – The Execution Engine object to used by this Data Connector to read the data.

  • default_regex – A regex configuration for filtering data references. The dict can include a regex pattern and a list of group_names for capture groups.

  • glob_directive – A glob pattern for selecting files in directory.

  • sorters – A list of sorters for sorting data references.

  • batch_spec_passthrough – Dictionary with keys that will be added directly to the batch spec.

  • id – The unique identifier for this Data Connector used when running in cloud mode.

get_available_data_asset_names() List[str]#

Return the list of asset names known by this DataConnector


A list of available names