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Version: 0.18.9


class great_expectations.expectations.expectation_configuration.ExpectationConfiguration(expectation_type: str, kwargs: dict, meta: Optional[dict] = None, notes: Optional[Union[str, list[str]]] = None, success_on_last_run: Optional[bool] = None, ge_cloud_id: Optional[str] = None, expectation_context: Optional[great_expectations.expectations.expectation_configuration.ExpectationContext] = None, rendered_content: Optional[List[great_expectations.render.components.RenderedAtomicContent]] = None)#

Defines the parameters and name of a specific Expectation.

  • expectation_type – The name of the expectation class to use in snake case, e.g. expect_column_values_to_not_be_null.

  • kwargs – The keyword arguments to pass to the expectation class.

  • meta – A dictionary of metadata to attach to the expectation.

  • success_on_last_run – Whether the expectation succeeded on the last run.

  • ge_cloud_id – The corresponding GX Cloud ID for the expectation.

  • New in version 0.13.36: Used in GX Cloud deployments.

  • expectation_context – The context for the expectation.

  • New in version 0.13.44: Used to support column descriptions in GX Cloud.

  • rendered_content – Rendered content for the expectation.

  • New in version 0.15.14: Used to include rendered content dictionary in expectation configuration.

  • InvalidExpectationConfigurationError – If expectation_type arg is not a str.

  • InvalidExpectationConfigurationError – If kwargs arg is not a dict.

  • InvalidExpectationKwargsError – If domain kwargs are missing.

  • ValueError – If a domain_type cannot be determined.

get_success_kwargs() dict#

Gets the success and domain kwargs for this ExpectationConfiguration.


ExpectationNotFoundError – If the expectation implementation is not found.


A dictionary with the success and domain kwargs of an expectation.

to_json_dict() Dict[str, JSONValues]#

Returns a JSON-serializable dict representation of this ExpectationConfiguration.


A JSON-serializable dict representation of this ExpectationConfiguration.