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HtmlSiteStore(store_backend=None, runtime_environment=None)
class, runtime_environment=None)

Bases: object

get(self, key)
set(self, key, serialized_value)
get_url_for_resource(self, resource_identifier=None, only_if_exists=True)

Return the URL of the HTML document that renders a resource (e.g., an expectation suite or a validation result).


resource_identifier – ExpectationSuiteIdentifier, ValidationResultIdentifier or any other type’s identifier. The argument is optional - when not supplied, the method returns the URL of the index page.


URL (string)

_validate_key(self, key)
write_index_page(self, page)

This third param_store has a special method, which uses a zero-length tuple as a key.

copy_static_assets(self, static_assets_source_dir=None)

Copies static assets, using a special “static_assets” backend store that accepts variable-length tuples as keys, with no filepath_template.