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Render a notebook that can re-create or edit a suite.

class great_expectations.render.renderer.suite_edit_notebook_renderer.SuiteEditNotebookRenderer

Bases: great_expectations.render.renderer.renderer.Renderer

Render a notebook that can re-create or edit a suite.

Use cases: - Make an easy path to edit a suite that a Profiler created. - Make it easy to edit a suite where only JSON exists.

classmethod _get_expectations_by_column(cls, expectations)
classmethod _build_kwargs_string(cls, expectation)
add_header(self, suite_name: str, batch_kwargs)
add_code_cell(self, code: str, lint: bool = False)

Add the given code as a new code cell.

add_markdown_cell(self, markdown: str)

Add the given markdown as a new markdown cell.

add_expectation_cells_from_suite(self, expectations)
_add_column_level_expectations(self, expectations_by_column)
_add_table_level_expectations(self, expectations_by_column)
static _build_meta_arguments(meta)
classmethod write_notebook_to_disk(cls, notebook, notebook_file_path)
render(self, suite: ExpectationSuite, batch_kwargs=None)

Render a notebook dict from an expectation suite.

render_to_disk(self, suite: ExpectationSuite, notebook_file_path: str, batch_kwargs=None)

Render a notebook to disk from an expectation suite.

If batch_kwargs are passed they will override any found in suite citations.

get_batch_kwargs(self, suite: ExpectationSuite, batch_kwargs: Union[dict, BatchKwargs])
static _fix_path_in_batch_kwargs(batch_kwargs)