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ConfiguredAssetFilePathDataConnector(name: str, datasource_name: str, assets: dict, execution_engine: Optional[ExecutionEngine] = None, default_regex: Optional[dict] = None, sorters: Optional[list] = None, batch_spec_passthrough: Optional[dict] = None)

The ConfiguredAssetFilePathDataConnector is one of two classes (InferredAssetFilePathDataConnector being the

class great_expectations.datasource.data_connector.configured_asset_file_path_data_connector.ConfiguredAssetFilePathDataConnector(name: str, datasource_name: str, assets: dict, execution_engine: Optional[ExecutionEngine] = None, default_regex: Optional[dict] = None, sorters: Optional[list] = None, batch_spec_passthrough: Optional[dict] = None)

Bases: great_expectations.datasource.data_connector.file_path_data_connector.FilePathDataConnector

The ConfiguredAssetFilePathDataConnector is one of two classes (InferredAssetFilePathDataConnector being the other) designed for connecting to filesystem-like data. This includes files on disk, but also things like S3 object stores, etc:

A ConfiguredAssetFilePathDataConnector requires an explicit listing of each DataAsset you want to connect to. This allows more fine-tuning, but also requires more setup.

Note: ConfiguredAssetFilePathDataConnector is not meant to be used on its own, but extended. Currently ConfiguredAssetFilesystemDataConnector and ConfiguredAssetS3DataConnector are subclasses of ConfiguredAssetFilePathDataConnector.

property assets(self)
_build_assets_from_config(self, config: Dict[str, dict])
_build_asset_from_config(self, config: dict)

Return the list of asset names known by this DataConnector.


A list of available names

_get_data_reference_list(self, data_asset_name: Optional[str] = None)

List objects in the underlying data store to create a list of data_references. This method is used to refresh the cache.


Returns the list of data_references known by this DataConnector by looping over all data_asset_names in _data_references_cache


number of data_references known by this DataConnector.


Returns the list of data_references unmatched by configuration by looping through items in _data_references_cache and returning data_reference that do not have an associated data_asset.


list of data_references that are not matched by configuration.

_get_full_file_path(self, path: str, data_asset_name: Optional[str] = None)
_get_regex_config(self, data_asset_name: Optional[str] = None)
_get_asset(self, data_asset_name: str)
abstract _get_data_reference_list_for_asset(self, asset: Optional[Asset])
abstract _get_full_file_path_for_asset(self, path: str, asset: Optional[Asset])
build_batch_spec(self, batch_definition: BatchDefinition)

Build BatchSpec from batch_definition by calling DataConnector’s build_batch_spec function.


batch_definition (BatchDefinition) – to be used to build batch_spec


BatchSpec built from batch_definition