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Version: 1.0 prerelease

Manage Expectation Suites

Expectation Suites contain multiple Expectations for a single Data Asset. Like Expectations, they can help you better understand your data and help you improve data quality. A default Expectation Suite is created when you create a Data Asset.


Create an Expectation Suite

If you have specific business requirements, or you want to examine specific data, you can create an empty Expectation Suite and then add Expectations individually.

  1. In GX Cloud, click Data Assets and select a Data Asset in the Data Assets list.

  2. Click the Expectations tab.

  3. Click New Suite in the Expectation Suites pane.

  4. Enter a name for the Expectation Suite in the Expectation Suite name field.

  5. Click Create Suite.

  6. Add Expectations to the Expectation Suite. See Create an Expectation.

  7. Optional. Run a Validation on the Expectation Suite. See Run a Validation.

Edit an Expectation Suite name

  1. In GX Cloud, click Expectation Suites.

  2. Click Edit for the Expectation Suite you want to edit.

  3. Edit the Expectation Suite name and then click Save.

  4. Update the Expectation Suite name in all code that included the previous Expectation Suite name.

Delete an Expectation Suite

  1. In GX Cloud, delete all Checkpoints associated with the Expectation Suite. See Delete a Checkpoint.

  2. Click Expectation Suites.

  3. Click Delete for the Expectation Suite you want to delete.

  4. Click Delete.