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Version: 0.18.9


class great_expectations.data_context.types.base.DataContextConfig(config_version: Optional[float] = None, datasources: Optional[Union[Dict[str, great_expectations.data_context.types.base.DatasourceConfig], Dict[str, Dict[str, Union[Dict[str, str], str, dict]]]]] = None, fluent_datasources: Optional[dict] = None, expectations_store_name: Optional[str] = None, validations_store_name: Optional[str] = None, evaluation_parameter_store_name: Optional[str] = None, checkpoint_store_name: Optional[str] = None, profiler_store_name: Optional[str] = None, plugins_directory: Optional[str] = None, validation_operators=None, stores: Optional[Dict] = None, data_docs_sites: Optional[Dict] = None, notebooks: Optional[great_expectations.data_context.types.base.NotebookConfig] = None, config_variables_file_path: Optional[str] = None, anonymous_usage_statistics: Optional[great_expectations.data_context.types.base.AnonymizedUsageStatisticsConfig] = None, store_backend_defaults: Optional[great_expectations.data_context.types.base.BaseStoreBackendDefaults] = None, commented_map: Optional[ruamel.yaml.comments.CommentedMap] = None, concurrency: Optional[Union[great_expectations.data_context.types.base.ConcurrencyConfig, Dict]] = None, progress_bars: Optional[great_expectations.data_context.types.base.ProgressBarsConfig] = None, include_rendered_content: Optional[great_expectations.data_context.types.base.IncludeRenderedContentConfig] = None)#

Config class for DataContext.

The DataContextConfig holds all associated configuration parameters to build a Data Context. There are defaults set for minimizing configuration in typical cases, but every parameter is configurable and all defaults are overridable.

In cases where the DataContext is instantitated without a yml file, the DataContextConfig can be instantiated directly.

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  • config_version (Optional[float]) – config version of this DataContext.

  • datasources (Optional[Union[Dict[str, DatasourceConfig], Dict[str, Dict[str, Union[Dict[str, str], str, dict]]]]) – DatasourceConfig or Dict containing configurations for Datasources associated with DataContext.

  • fluent_datasources (Optional[dict]) – temporary placeholder for Experimental Datasources.

  • expectations_store_name (Optional[str]) – name of ExpectationStore to be used by DataContext.

  • validations_store_name (Optional[str]) – name of ValidationsStore to be used by DataContext.

  • evaluation_parameter_store_name (Optional[str]) – name of EvaluationParamterStore to be used by DataContext.

  • checkpoint_store_name (Optional[str]) – name of CheckpointStore to be used by DataContext.

  • profiler_store_name (Optional[str]) – name of ProfilerStore to be used by DataContext.

  • plugins_directory (Optional[str]) – the directory in which custom plugin modules should be placed.

  • validation_operators – list of validation operators configured by this DataContext.

  • Deprecated since version 0.14.0.

  • stores (Optional[dict]) – single holder for all Stores associated with this DataContext.

  • data_docs_sites (Optional[dict]) – DataDocs sites associated with DataContext.

  • notebooks (Optional[NotebookConfig]) – Configurations for Jupyter Notebooks associated with DataContext, such as the suite_edit Notebook.

  • config_variables_file_path (Optional[str]) – path for config_variables file, if used.

  • anonymous_usage_statistics (Optional[AnonymizedUsageStatisticsConfig]) – configuration for enabling or disabling anonymous usage statistics for GX.

  • store_backend_defaults (Optional[BaseStoreBackendDefaults]) – define base defaults for platform specific StoreBackendDefaults. For example, if you plan to store expectations, validations, and data_docs in s3 use the S3StoreBackendDefaults and you may be able to specify fewer parameters.

  • commented_map (Optional[CommentedMap]) – the CommentedMap associated with DataContext configuration. Used when instantiating with yml file.

  • concurrency (Optional[Union[ConcurrencyConfig, Dict]]) – if enabled, Checkpoints associated with the DataContext can run validations in parallel with multithreading.

  • progress_bars (Optional[ProgressBarsConfig]) – allows progress_bars to be enabled or disabled globally, for profilers, or metrics calculations.

  • include_rendered_content (Optional[IncludedRenderedContentConfig]) – allows rendered content to be configured globally, at the ExpectationSuite or ExpectationValidationResults-level.

to_json_dict() Dict[str, JSONValues]#

Returns a JSON-serializable dict representation of this DataContextConfig.


A JSON-serializable dict representation of this DataContextConfig.